Sustainable Horizons in European Education Institutions (SHEs) – The SHE Consortium approves upcoming activities to sustainability knowledge dissemination within global associated universities and open science roadmaps

Last Wednesday May 24th a SHEs Consortium Meeting was held within the International Week and the Sustainable Development Conference at the University of Life Sciences “King Mihai I” (Timisoara, Romania).

SHEs consortium partners and associated universities could share a common space to discuss the main insights of the project.

During this meeting, a general overview of the project was given, concerning technical, communicational, financial, and managerial issues.

The pioneering methodology on measurement sustainable performance of university campii keeps in progress according to the expertise of all the SHEs universities representatives.

A general open science roadmap was draft according to the dissemination and adaption of sustainability-related knowledge to both academic and non-academic target audience. Additionally, a general overview of the open science platforms of each SHEs university was presented.

Also, the Employability and Entrepreneurship platform contents and functionalities were discussed during this meeting to guarantee a sustainable professional future to young talents.

Finally, the organisation of local and international events and the participation in international student fairs will become one of the means to disseminate the sustainability insights of the SHEs project during this year.

Sustainable Horizons – European Universities designing the Horizons of Sustainability (SHEs) is 100% funded by the European Commission in about 2.3 million euros and aims to contribute to the sustainability of activities on campuses, regions and globally.

The project aims to intensify long-term cooperation and spread excellence through the sharing of knowledge and experiences in different fields of scientific research (from technical, social and economic sciences to environmental sciences, hydrology and oceanography) with sustainability as the main axis within the consortium. Coordinated by the University of Algarve (Portugal), the project has a total of six partners from Finland (University of Applied Sciences- LAB), Germany (Ludwigshafen University and Society-LUBS) Spain (University of Huelva), Czech Republic (University of Thomas Bata and Banat-UTB); Romania (Timisoara University-UVST). Using geographical proximity, historical, cultural and linguistic ties, this Consortium already has up to 21 associated partners outside Europe (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), making research links to connect sustainability globally.

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